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 +====== Create search engine friendly URLs ======
 +{{:​wiki:​seo2.png?​nolink&​100|Medium Influence}} {{ :​wiki:​difficulty1.png?​nolink&​100|Easy to implement}}
 +Pay attention to the following points when you build your URLs:
 +  * Use the page’s [[keyword|keywords]] in the file name.
 +  * Use only two or three of the page’s keywords in the filename.
 +  * Use-dashes-to-separate-single-words-in-the-file-name (not_with_underscores).
 +  * Make your URLs as short as possible and avoid using any search engine unfriendly characters (e.g. "?&​=*#​$"​ or umlauts) in it.
 +  * Define your [[http://​support.google.com/​webmasters/​answer/​1235687|URL parameters]],​ so Google indexes your website correctly.
 +  * Don’t use too many subfolders in your URL (e.g. http://​www.example.com/​folder1/​subfolder1/​subsubfolder1/​keyword1-keyword).
 +====== Helpful Links ======
 +[[https://​support.google.com/​webmasters/​answer/​76329|Google Webmaster Help: Keep a simple URL structure]]
 +[[http://​www.bing.com/​blogs/​site_blogs/​b/​webmaster/​archive/​2010/​07/​15/​office-com-seo-search-engine-friendly-urls.aspx|Bing Blogs: Search engine friendly URLs]]