Insert meta tags

Medium Influence Hard to implement

Make sure that each page of your website is indexed correctly by using meta tags. Generate meta tags and insert them on your website.

Each HTML document of a website should have its own individual meta tags about the content on that particular page. The Metatag Generator helps you to quickly and easily generate meta tags.

Pay attention to the following:

  • The description is used to give users a brief overlook of the page in the search results. Keep in mind that only a certain number of characters will be displayed in the search results (about 160 characters, incl. spaces).
  • Use the page’s most important keywords in the description.
  • Use a combination of different terms (product name, city name, industry etc.).
  • Tell potential visitors what the page is about.
  • Write an individual description for each page. It’s better not to use a description for a page than to use the same description twice.

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