Manual submission to major search engines

Medium Influence Easy to implement

If your website is error-free and optimized run a manual submission to all search engines and directories that don’t support automatic submissions or that e.g. offer premium options you should decide yourself about.

Even if Google may currently be the most important search engine, it makes sense to sumbit your website to all other search engines as well, because they also bring visitors to your website. Basically Google and the other search engines could find and index your website by themselves if other websites link to it. Nevertheless, submitting your website won’t hurt and it speeds this process up.

Submitting your website to directories creates backlinks and increases your website’s visibility on the Internet. A common misconception, propagated on some SEO websites and forums saying that submitting your website can hurt its ranking, isn’t true.

You reach the best results (especially at directories) by submitting your website to the complete search engine database. The submission assistant will bring you directly to the submission page and you can enter your information by drag&drop.

The success that can be expected from unimportant search engines isn’t always worth the time you spend to submit your website manually. The main reason to submit your website to small search engines is to get a backlink.

For this reason you can submit your website manually to major search engines and use the automatic submission for all other.