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 +====== Choose relevant keywords ======
 +{{:​wiki:​seo3.png?​nolink&​100|Big Influence}} {{ :​wiki:​difficulty3.png?​nolink&​100|Very hard to implement}}
 +Think of what words users would use in search engines when they are looking for a site like yours. These are the words you should optimize your website for.
 +**Tip:** //Ask your friends what they would use for a search.//
 +  * Don’t use only **general [[keyword|keywords]]** (e.g. "​insurance"​),​ but also **[[longtail|long tail]] keywords** (e.g. "car insurance washington"​). It’s easier to reach a top position with long tail keywords.
 +  * Consider **various spellings ** (//​time-machine//​ vs. //​timemachine//​ vs. //time machine//).
 +  * Keywords aren’t case sensitive.
 +  * **Check your Website logs** to see if there already are some keywords that bring visitors to your website.
 +Create a temporary list containing more keywords than you want to actually use. After the keyword analysis you can then pick the keywords that have a greater potential.
 +====== Helpful Links ======
 +[[keyword|SEO Lexicon: Keywords]]
 +[[longtail|SEO Lexicon: Long tail keywords]]
 +[[http://​www.bing.com/​blogs/​site_blogs/​b/​webmaster/​archive/​2009/​05/​15/​the-key-to-picking-the-right-keywords-sem-101.aspx|Bing:​ "The key to picking the right keywords"​]]