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 +====== Insert the keywords ======
 +{{:​wiki:​seo3.png?​nolink&​100|Big Influence}} {{ :​wiki:​difficulty2.png?​nolink&​100|Hard to implement}}
 +When you decided which [[keyword|keywords]] you want to use, insert them in your [[website]].
 +===== General =====
 +  * Don’t implement all keywords on a single [[webpage|page]]. Create specialized documents where you **focus on 2-3 keywords** instead.
 +  * Make sure the keywords **blend with the text**. If you’re not sure about it, ask a second person how the text looks like.
 +  * Use the keywords in all important sections of the page (**title**, **meta tags**, **document name**, **content**).
 +  * Keep the keyword’s **spelling constant** (e.g. singular vs. plural, hyphens etc.). You can ignore lowercase and uppercase; keywords are not case sensitive.
 +===== Technical =====
 +  * Use the keyword in the **document name**.
 +  * Use the keyword in the **description** of the meta tags.
 +  * Use the keyword **as early as possible** in the document.
 +  * Use the keyword in the **headers** (<​html><​h1></​html>​ to <​html><​h6></​html>​).
 +  * Use the keyword in **anchor text**.
 +  * **Highlight important keywords** by using the <​html><​strong></​html>​ and the <​html><​em></​html>​ tag.