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 +====== Follow the search engine’s guidelines ======
 +{{:​wiki:​seo3.png?​nolink&​100|Big Influence}} {{ :​wiki:​difficulty3.png?​nolink&​100|Very hard to implement}}
 +Read the [[search-engine-guidelines|guidelines]] of the search engine carefully and check if the website complies with them. The most popular search engines have similar guidelines.
 +In the worst case, not complying with these guidelines can lead to the website being excluded from the search results of that particular search engine.
 +====== Helpful Links ======
 +[[http://​www.bing.com/​webmaster/​help/​webmaster-guidelines-30fba23a|Bing’s guidelines]]
 +[[https://​support.google.com/​webmasters/​answer/​35769|Google’s guidelines]]
 +[[https://​help.yahoo.com/​kb/​search/​content-quality-guidelines-sln2245.html |Yahoo!’s guidelines]]
 +[[http://​help.yandex.com/​webmaster/​yandex-indexing/​webmaster-advice.xml|Yandex'​s guidelines]]