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 +====== Extend your website continuously ======
 +{{:​wiki:​seo3.png?​nolink&​100|Big Influence}}{{ :​wiki:​difficulty3.png?​nolink&​100|Very hard to implement}}
 +Extend your [[website]] continuously with new and up-to-date content. This way:
 +  * You offer visitors and potential customers new up-to-date information.
 +  * Search engines will [[crawler|crawl]] your website more often and rank the new content higher (the first page in the [[SERP|SERPs]] usually has popular and up-to-date websites on it).
 +After you updated a page, don’t forget to update the XML [[sitemap]] as well. You can do this by defining the last modified date in the link properties of the //Site Map Generator//​.
 +====== Helpful Links ======
 +[[http://​googleblog.blogspot.com/​2011/​11/​giving-you-fresher-more-recent-search.html|Google Blog: Giving you fresher, more recent search results]]